How does a Remote Guitar Lesson work?

With a Remote Guitar Lesson, I film ‘your’ lesson and email you a link to where you can download all the lesson videos and reference sheets.

If you don’t understand anything, just email me back and I will get back to you and help anyway I can.

If you are able to film yourself on your smartphone playing the material and send it to me, I can also get back to you with any feedback.

Do you have questions about how Remote Guitar Lessons work?

Please see my extensive FAQ page or feel free to Contact me.

Your questions answered!


Nic B Remote Student

“Whatever your chosen area, Gordon will usually give you the answers via email, along with an exercise and a video of him running through it. It's perfect if you have hit the inevitable guitar rut!"

Steve B Remote Student

“Gordon sends me in-depth videos on how to play the songs along with tablature sheets needed I have found these lessons to be very useful and rewarding and I look forward to the next lesson."

Lyndsey B Remote Student

“I have found Gordon’s remote lessons to be as well prepared as his face to face lessons. Plus, they have the added advantage of allowing me to stop and rewind and reply them as often as I need to and therefore work at my own pace. I feel I get as much, if not more, value from the remote pre- recorded lessons that Gordon provides."

Ian J Remote Student

“Gordon is an inspirational tutor and makes learning the guitar most enjoyable. During lockdown, or if I'm too busy to attend in person, the remote lessons mean I can continue to learn at a time that suits me. Gordon's enthusiasm comes through and the lessons are clear and easy to follow. I strongly recommend giving them a go."

Remote guitar lessons for Southampton and Eastleigh

My extensive remote teaching programme is guaranteed to teach anyone to master the principles of learning to play the guitar